Saturday, 21 June 2014

All Lit Up!

Here we come to the more complicated part of the blog... Not because the work was any more complicated - most of the really tricky stuff was either done or planned out. It's complicated for a slightly embarrassing reason.

At this point in the proceedings, my involvement with the refurbishment had basically dropped off entirely so, while I have photos - taken by my mother - I have no personal notes to make on the work. From here on, it's likely that most of my remaining posts will be of the "and here are a few photos of this part of the job" variety, with any comments that may occur to me or things that my parents told me about the work.

I'm hoping things will get a bit more interesting when my sister starts posting...

But, for the moment, here's another bit about the wiring... which was basically complete by the time I next visited. As you will see in the first photograph, the wiring was all neatly bound together in the loft an all the sockets were occupied...

...but, hang on, eleven lights and twelve occupied sockets? How does that happen? Especially when, in theory, the two ground floor hall lights should have been wired together... Well, it turns out that, at some point, the decision was made to add a second 'extension lead' into the lounge, giving three additional sockets on either side of the room, demonstrated here by the appearance of a floor lamp and a smaller table lamp in the lounge.

While some of the lights don't seem to give off a great deal of illumination (most notably the dome light visible in the top right room in the lower pair of photos which, I believe, became the bathroom), having all these lights does make the house look all the more 'cosy'. The chandeliers in the lounge hang down a bit too far (the floor lamp would probably bump into them), but they do suit the room pretty well.

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