Monday, 7 October 2013

Stripping Down

Not much to report right now, but the remaining paper is gradually being stripped from the outside of the house, so I'd imagine the interior won't be far behind.

One interesting thing to note in these photos is that my father's markings for the doors and windows - made in pencil about 30 years ago - are still very much visible. I guess, in part, that'd be because the paper was glued on in such a strange way - curls and whirls of glue, rather than a thin, consistent coat.

I'm not entirely sure why the windows are so much higher than the doors (and, stupidly, neglected to ask... so expect an update when I remember to do so!) but, assuming we're using the ready-made bits we've picked up, or making something to a vaguely similar scale, they may line up better once the refurb is complete.

The obvious advantage to the shop-bought windows is that, being larger, they'll let far more ambient light into the house, so the electric lights won't be quite so necessary when the house is closed up during daylight hours.

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