Thursday, 8 August 2013

Humble Beginnings

OK, obviously, this isn't a project being started from scratch. The structure itself is still sound and would only require relatively minor alterations if we end up converting the loft. Still, it's as well to record as much as possible of the state it's in before any of the refurbishment begins...

The windows were only glued in place, on the outside...
some of them didn't stick very well, but only one
has fallen off

The switches are embedded in either the ceilings or
the walls, with the wiring tucked away

Three additional power points in the lounge, for a TV,
an additional lamp... and something else...
A rare bit of exposed wiring...
Chances are, this will be covered over
before the refurbishment is finished

Of course, after 30 years in storage,
there had to be at least one cobweb

The transformer sits in a box screwed to the base here
The wiring from the loft gets fed down to the base,
into this convenient groove...
...and this plugs into the transformer,
which is then plugged into the mains

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